St. Oswald Catholic Primary School( England)

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Just some photos for sharing with you our principal moments spent in St.Oswald Catholic Primary School in Longton, England. They have made us feel as we were at home. Teachers achive a brilliant work focusing on : developing cultural awareness and understanding, group tasks, independent study and reflection, networking oportunities and creating authentic materials and cross curricular resources. AWESOME!!

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! But Specially to the head teacher, Mrs Bernardette Wood and the Modern Languages Coordinator , Mrs Sarah Quillian as they behaved with us in a pretty exceptional  and apreciated way.

La experiencia ha sido maravillosa, no solo han compartido con nosotros su trabajo sino también sentimientos y experiencias. También nosotros hemos compartido con ellos y con ellas lo mejor de nuestro cole y nuestra ciudad, Sevilla.

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